Daniel Schindler, Swiss architect

Daniel Schindler is known for his creative solutions that harmoniously combine Central European architecture with Russian nature. He has designed a real masterpiece in the Village «BERIOZKI».

When I first saw the place of the future construction, boarded with a river bend and an age-old forest, I realized that it would be the perfect spot for a very cozy elite residential cluster.

Classic houses of Central European architecture should perfectly fit into the Russian landscape and create an exquisite atmosphere of sophistication and comfort for its residents.

Modern esthetics of European style characterized by restrained design and maximum usefulness of every inch of the space.

Due to carefully thought-out functionality of the house, designed by Schindler, the owner feels like he or she has been born here.

Daniel Schindler is always trying to use the most of natural light. This explains high ceilings, large windows, aimed to embrace the charm of the Russian nature.

Interview with Daniel Schindler