The Village «BERIOZKI» is designed by the famous Swiss architect Daniel Schindler.

Functional, full of light, houses of modern European architecture perfectly fit into the scenic Russian landscapes. They look especially beautiful in the rolling slopes of the extensive coastline.

Each house of the Village « BERIOZKI» is filled with energy of nature.

This quiet corner of Rublevka district, with pure air and birch groves, spread out along the banks of dammed full-flowing Medvenka River. It looks almost untouched by civilization.

The village « BERIOZKI» is built in the unique area. It is not only the beauty of nature, but also the excellent transport accessibility.

Due to the closeness of another highway, it is very convenient to use as an alternative to Rublevo-Uspensky highway. So, you would live in the 17 km from Moscow in rural surroundings and would be guaranteed to spend only 15 minutes to get to the Ring Road.

On the territory of 60 hectares, there are 151 houses and all infrastructure facilities. Everything is built and ready for finishing work.

This Village was created for families with children. Therefore, it provides all necessary infrastructure for kids, sports and entertainment, which naturally enters the landscape park.

1\4 of the territory is the public area with a coastline of 2 km.

The Village «BERIOZKI» displays a significant architectural diversity. Each house has its own character, and finishing work helps to create your personalized space.

Our Village has clusters of houses which represents the architectural ensemble.

Daniel Schindler, hereditary Swiss architect

Daniel Schindler is known for his talented capability to harmoniously combine Central European architecture with Russian nature. He has designed in the Village «BERIOZKI» a real masterpiece.

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17 km from the Moscow Ring Road
along Rublevo-Uspensky Highway
15 minutes along
the alternative highway
natural environment
European architecture
Ready-made infrastructure,
including kindergarten and school